New World Order - Jungle Edition

The Dragon Whisperer

This is getting unbearable

Dearest Ava,

Boy has it been an eventful several weeks. Things have been on the up and up for old Thamior. Firstly we finally escape the Land of the Gray! This has been a long time coming, but is a huge relief. Our trip back to town was rather uneventful, and we apparently have become rather well known among the humans. Among the Wood Elves is another matter, my only contact is you and Embray so its rather hard to judge.

Of course this fame isn’t without its drawbacks. The governor wants the Trouble Shooters (I know its lame, but that’s what we are calling ourselves now) to clear their stone quarry of overly clever Kobalds. Apparently they are led by some human named Horath. From what I understand he is annoyed that the Roman’s have small boats and thinks that they need bigger boats.

We also now have a tag-along named Nass I think? He and Mara (the Fighter) have some sort of history. He is a pretty poor fighter from what I have seen but he can carry the dirt out of equipment. This was especially helpful recently when we set out to observe the quarry to determine how much of a pain it will be to clear. Due to my expert woodsman skills we traversed the path largely unimpeded.

By largely unimpeded I mean we were found by an imp named Isosceles who trades in information. We had actually acquired some goggles on a recent trip to Embray’s that are just the best. Isosceles was so kind as to give us the name and bit of history of the goggles. Apparently they are called Gondales Mystic Specticles and were forged nigh 100 years after The Great Ghost Dance. In any case now Mara won’t let me touch the goggles anymore for some reason. She is rather mean about it too! I just want to see the pretty lights again!

The next day we found a good little hidey hole to discuss plans from and information gathered by Aether. I almost forgot! Atrei has an Owl now named Aether. He has some sort of Arcane bond with it and is able to communicate and use it for recon. This was immensely helpful as the last time we engaged these Kobald directly it was a bit of a nail biter. This largely simplified the whole initial recon business. This encampment is far more organized than one might initially guess. It was only in times before The Dance that we heard tale of Kobald who did anything other than fight over scraps.

To do some more in depth surveillance I fashioned us up some snow shoes to better cover our tracks so we wouldn’t be so easily spotted by the patrols. As many of our Trouble Shooters hadn’t used snow shoes before we took an excursion to get our bearings. During this we encountered a Polar Bearformer named Grimlock. I say bearformer because he was clearly not a real bear as he had none of the telltale signs of one. Luckily we had our good old friend Frodo to commune with him. Of course the Bearformer decided to be difficult and not just turn into a human to converse with us, so Frodo had to relay reply’s to us.

According to the Bearformer the Norse aren’t the ones who started the war necessarily, and for that matter they didn’t start it over the size of their boats! This is obviously nonsense. He asserted if they did start the war it was justified, though that is something I’m sure many on both sides would say. According to him the Taun-ti are apparently behind this whole human conflict and they supposedly have proof in the form of multiple captured Taun-ti agents. He told us how to approach the camps and not be fired upon and he took his leave.

In any case with our dreams of ambushing the patrols dashed we promptly began our return to Port Garmsby. Though this apparently wasn’t for the feint of heart. Overhead I spotted a white dragon approaching. We promptly took cover but to our dismay the dragon landed. Wise as we are we promptly began our retreat, but suddenly everyone but myself and Aether were stunned in fear. It was a real case of brown trousers. In that moment I knew what I had to do. I had two choices to save the Trouble Shooters from certain death; convince Whitey that we were far too strong to be trifled with, or go down in a blaze of glory. Luckily the latter didn’t come to pass. Through quickness of wit and deftness of negotiation I convinced Whitey to take a few Black Dragon Eggs we were had been carrying for a while and a paltry sum of gold. I’d like to add that Frodo time and time again insisted that the eggs were dead, but lo and behold they turned out to be quite a valuable asset.

With disaster averted thanks to yours truly we successfully returned home even greater legends than before! But the job of a trouble shooter never ends! We had to figure out if the Taun-ti were indeed behind the going’s on in the Roman’s Ranks. Myself and Atrei set off to speak with our wise friend Embray.

Once there we discovered not very much more than what we had already heard from the Bearformer, but he did corroberate his story. Of course no good deed goes unpunished, Embray tricked me into putting on cursed Azure Socks that made me dance for as long as I wore them. Embray will not here the end of this! In addition, Embray insisted that those goggles were dangerous. I assured him that they definitely were not; providing only good things and wonderful gifts to all those who used them. He then got all uppity when I told him how we learned the name of the goggles, saying he was “planning on moving soon” because “the demon’s must not learn of the existence of the goggles or it will be the end of days” nonsense I say! Embray is so prone to hyperbole that one cannot tell his yarns from his wheel.

Once we returned I promptly went to the Temple to get the cursed socks removed. I then returned to the Tavern and Mara finally let me get some quality time with the goggles. Apparently I am in some sort of coma now? How can I be writing this if I was in a coma?

Truely yours,

P.S. I have some questions for you, like why didn’t you tell me that Port Garmsby was under siege? When did the human’s start warring over the size of their boats? Are the Taun-ti real? Did you receive instructions not to tell me anything? I worry sometimes that you don’t want me to know when you need help. We need to talk soon about this and other business.


An enjoyable read. Clearly the googles have granted you a most peculiar view of recent events. I shall resist my temptations to correct spelling and grammar, as your education wasn’t focused upon esoteric arcane studies as my life has required, and your account reads well and true as-written.

It’s not everyday that we are so privileged to witness someone getting to know a hungrified-and-hostile white dragon on a first name basis.

(side-note: I know of spells that can cause laughter, but I need to discuss with Frodo and Kragg the possibility of discovering a spell which will cease the overwhelming laughter gained by thoee watching someone dance uncontrollably in topaz footwear. )

Atrei, of the plain ordinary socks

The Dragon Whisperer
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