Playable Races:

  • Human – There will be at least three or four different groups of humans. These will most likely be various cities and states that make the division, but will also include various ideological and physiologic differences to go along with these.- More to follow
  • Elven – There are two varieties of elves, wood elves and high elves. Wood elves live deep in the jungles of “initium novum,” High Elves use to live some where on the east coast of Terra but are rummored to be extinct after the Orc invassion. Wood elves tend to me more interested in the natural world and order of things, High elves tend more towards the spiritual and arcane side of life.
  • Dwarven – There are two varieties of dwarf, hill and mountain. Mountain dwarves are more reclusive typically, but also tend to have more access to rare earth metals such as Mithrial and Adamantium, but this is due to their deep mines and cities. Digging so deeply into the Terra tends to awaken dark beasts. The hill dwarves are a friendly lot and tend to trade with those who dwell on the surface and sometimes even live among them for a time.
  • Little People – There will be some types of little folk, possibly more then one, hobbits, half-lings and gnomes are all possible at this point.

NPC Races -

  • Ibecx – Lizardmen of “initium novum” or new beginings are a ancient race that once ruled all of the continent and enslaved the wood elves before a mountian fell on their capital and scatered their tribes to the far corners. The Ibecx are now mostly tribal groups that fight anything that comes into their territory.
  • Minotaur – The Minotaurs of Terra are a nomadic tribes of large bull creatures, much like the taurens of World of Warcraft. They are to large to fit into most human and elven buildings, though they do tend to fit well with the mountain dwarves who like to build very grandly.
  • Orc – Orcs of Terra are a tribal people who live beyond the civilized worlds of men, elf and dwarf. They are strong capable warriors, but not nearly so savage as the civilized folk would have you believe, they do sometimes travel the civilized lands.



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