Unlike some worlds where the gods are a mystery or only rarely interact with mortals, on Terra they are very much a part of every day life. Pray to the gods for divine intervention, but be warned, once you have the gods attention, you may not find it so easy to hide…

Religion and Philosophy

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TYR – The God of Sun, Fire, Artisans

  • Tyr is often seen on the mortal plane as a dwarf with flaming red hair or as a ancient platinum Dragon

SANINE – The Goddess of Moon, Water, Darkness and Secrets

  • Sanine is often seen on the mortal plane as a elf maiden with long flowing black hair who rarely speaks. It is also thought that she visits the world as a black cat as well, though this is harder to know for sure.

THESIS – The Goddess of Knowledge, Air, Study and Intellect

  • Thesis rarely visits the mortal plane, but it is said that her appearance is plane nondescript female of various races when she does. Many of the tribal races see her as a giant spider who spins webs of knowledge.

THURM – The God of Stability, Earth, Obligations and Justice

  • Thurm appears as a middle aged balding and blind human, he is slow to take action or answer questions. He is thought to appear as a tortoise to some of the lesser races.

MIRYA – The Goddess of Forests and Woods, Revelry, the Arts and Lust

  • Mirya is often seen as a voluptuous wood elf, usually with leaves and flowers weaved into her hair. Her tattoos, so common among the wood elves are said to dance on her skin with scandalous scenes. Also thought to appear as a deer or squirrel at times.

LARA – The Goddess of Hearth and Home, Agriculture, Love and Wisdom

  • Lara appears on the mortal plane as half-ling or hobbit of middle age, very motherly usually, with dinner and tea easily available, she is always cheerful, though at times stoic as well.

KORD – The God Strength, War, Conquest, Allegiance and Destruction.

  • Kord always appears as burly human carrying more weapons then seems possible and is not known for his table manners, though few have ever told this to him.

THE CHANGING WOMEN – The Goddess of Transitions – Birth, Life, Death, Maidens, Mothers and Crones

  • The changing Women never appears the same way twice, her appearance is as varied as the human race. She is also seen as a phoenix, bursting from the ground in bright red and orange flames.

VANDER – The God of Adventure, Luck, Cuteness, Fools and Tricksters

  • Vander appears as a youthful boy, most often as he is fleeing the scene of his latest prank. Also as a small dog of some type or another – fox or coyote.

FALLEN – The God whom the world forgot…


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