Embray Tobaz

Elven sage near Port Garmsby


His hair is a gossamer white and his eyes are Hetrochromatic with one eye Silver and the other a deep Brown. This condition is possibly genetic, though more likely from an experiment gone awry.



Embray Tobaz is a close friend of the Nailo family. More importantly he is relatively high in the Elven Order. He serves as an outpost for Agents in the surrounding lands. He is an older Elf, one generation removed from the Ibics enslavement. Due in part to this he is very wary of outsiders, especially the Human’s and their ilk. He lives in the woods below an old tree. His shop is surprisingly large, and his wares varied and diverse. He is a bit of a collector and tends to accumulate items he deems of worth.

In addition to his affinity for eclectic items, or possibly due to it, he is possibly the most well known enchanter in the region, at least among the elves. His experiments often leave something to be desired however. As one might expect his looks reflect his character.

Embray Tobaz

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