Ava Nailo

Close friend and confidant of Thamior


She is tall for a Wood Elf, slender build, has red hair, sharp features and
auburn eyes. Her being an elf has also put her head and shoulders above most human women, and despite her best efforts she has had many



Ava Nailo is a close friend and confidant of Thamior. Thamior and Ava grew up
together with Nemo. They represented a large fraction of the children in the
Nailo family. Due to the family’s high status the children of the house didn’t
socialize with other’s much. Due to this Ava, Thamior, and Nemo grew very
close. Much to Ava’s chagrin Thamior took on the life of an “Adventurer” while
she took a more Administrative approach. Despite this she never seemed to be
very far from wherever Thamior and Nemo were. When Thamior and Nemo started their
escapades in Port Garmsby she took on the role of a Herbalist and Scribe within
the town. In addition to this, her proximity to Thamior and background made
her ideal to become his handler as he moved through the rank and file of The
Roots. Among the three she has been by far the most bookish. In addition to her
demeanor, she is one of the rare Wood Elves that actually live among the
humans. This has made her a bit of a spectacle for many of the town, drawing
attention that she is not used to.

News of Nemo’s betrayal has hit her hard, just as it has Thamior. In present,
she is uncertain as to where her loyalties lie. The Wood Elf society has done
quite a bit for her, given her the free reign to learn and travel. On the
other, if Nemo could betray the Nailo’s then who else could?

Ava Nailo

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