Atrei FaintWalker

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Do today what others won’t, so you can do tomorrow what others can’t.

Walker. I go by the name Walker, as my full name attracts far too many nervous stares from the common folk. I live among the Outlands where it’s free from people, full of life, and fit for discovery. I’m quite good at survival and seeing trouble before it sees me.

Nature knows. The answers are all around us.

I prefer not to reveal my calling. The locals aren’t sure how to relate to someone who can craft the Weave as I can. Eventually they discover my gift when I save their village by enflaming a band of marauders or talking to the nearby fey. It’s not comfortable for them, and I start getting blamed for every bad storm and crop failure and missing tool. Then it’s time for me to move on.

When you hold onto nothing, you’re free to do anything.

It’s easy to always have the right tool when you are a Conjurer. I don’t need money, and mending a person’s tools, rescuing favorite pets from trouble, and reading strange writings can get a lot of free lunches from the locals. My books are my friends. It’s not unusual to see me reading Fey and Fury: An Uncommon Almanac. It’s my prize possession and a great book indeed. Well, I have another reason: there’s an insightful description of the FaintWalkers on page 73. The artist did a very nice job on the picture of my parents.

Atrei FaintWalker

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