New World Order - Jungle Edition

The Fog Thickens

As does the plots, all twelve of them

Mara going to dress shop and purchases a dress in preparation for the gala later that evening.

Jack, Hadrian, and Thamior walk to the bushes to chat with the Brawler Boys, a gang of dozen or so 6-12-year-old males, about the gravedigger curse. Most of the boys present had experienced the curse, but they couldn’t remember anything from their time under it. Pod Cinderbloom, a 12 y/o half-elf, thinks he remembered hearing singing, but was unable to give any other details when questioned. The boys passed on a rumor that several loggers from the Littles family had recently been attacked by some type of crazed animal. The adventurers decided that they should follow up on the attack report and try to determine if it was related to the gravedigger curse.

As the three adventurers walked through the town to where the Littles lived, they came across a statue commemorating the towns victory over the hag Tashtiba which had occurred 7 years ago. The statue was of the 3 daughters of Gus Sand that Tashtiba had kidnapped and had a plaque with the names of the people who had perished in the fight.
The adventurers visit the Littles family. Several of them are injured. They talk to Barnes Little who believed that they were attacked by a mama bear. They didn’t report any evidence of magical control, rabies, a baby bear, or any other possible causes of the attack. The adventurers heal them and leave.

After talking to the Littles, the adventurer’s drop by the Widow Tandy’s house and search it. Widow Tandy is currently in jail, accused of killing her 3 husbands over a period of 6 months, and is scheduled to be hanged in a few days. She claims to be innocent, but has no evidence to prove this. The search is remarkable in how unhelpful it is – the only possible clue is a snake fang that had punctured the boot. Jack pricked his finger on it and had no reaction so it is not clear if the fang was ever poisoned and/or had any relationship with the deaths.

The adventurers walk to the site of the abandoned theater/brothel, known as the smiling jester. There is a guard standing out front. Thamior informs him of the upcoming battle between the Brawler Boys and the Magic Matrons. Inside the theater, there are signs that pictures/wall hangings were recently removed from the lack of dust in places on the wall. They walk out to hear the Brawler Boys and the Magic Matrons arriving for their brawl, but they are chased off by the guards.

Time skip – forward to the evening. Hadrian and Mara go to the gala. They wander around and don’t accomplish much. They were both attacked repeatedly by a ghostly hand, probably a spell, in such way as too embarrass them. All attempts to identify the spellcaster failed. During dinner, Mara gets talking with the Tall family and they decide to spike the punch to liven up the party, much to Hadrian dismay. Mara leaves the party to buy some liquor, but outside she decides that the nearest tavern is too far away. However, as she re-enters the party, she finds a bottle of liquor in a pocket in her dress. She finds nothing suspicious about this and proceeds to give the alcohol to Mr. Tall. Mrs. Tall causes a distraction, allowing Mr. Tall to spike the punch. Mr. Tall returns the alcohol to Mara, who sticks it in her pocket. She then attempts to leave the party while walking by two guards Constable Fortin Harra (half-Orc) and Lank (goblin), is caught with alcohol in her pocket and thrown in jail for the night.

While the Gala is happening, Jack goes to a tavern, attempts to get information from Edgar Windhowler (Halfling), doesn’t achieve much, and then gets drunk. Thamior goes out in the swamp, tracks some Kuo-Toa (fish people), and then goes murderhobo on a few as some type of test of his transformation into a FloopDoodle. He wakes up the next day with his transformation considerably advanced. It is not clear what he learned, if anything, from this.


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