New World Order - Jungle Edition

The 2nd Adventure Begins

A Floopdoodle is born

Intrepid adventures take a few days/week off after returning from the sewers and lost city of the Ibex (lizard folk.)
Sitting around the table at the local pub – the “Rabid Goat” the party hears a commotion outside – a gnome and elf come in
yelling at each other about a undelivered package. The Elf – Kamalla Streams – (Pirate Elf cause of his peg leg) wanted
Tipper the Gnome to deliver a crate of Rose Whistle to Strade’s Gallows but the Gnome refused because the trip was dangerous,
through the swamp and all that. Kamalla offers 500 gold to anyone willing to deliver the package, the party eventually takes
him up on his offer after some research into the situation in Strade’s Gallows. The sickness there is called
“grave diggers fever” and it seems to be currently only affecting children, packages to be delivered to Master Soto, follower of Lara.

The party leaves Port Garmsby for Pepplefin, a small farming community down the road and were the road to Strade’s Gallows is,
upon reaching Pepplefin the group discovers the town to be abandoned, but after further investigation it appears that the fog
hides some strange magical goings ons, the group learns they can communicate with something by writing on the walls, though whom
ever writes back writes in blood…

The next day the party continues down the road to strades gallows, the way isn’t nearly as bad as Tipper made it out to be and
the group makes good time. The second day the road takes a turn for the worse and begins to become difficult, a strange
alligator/lobster monster attacks the group after chasing a fish person across the road. The party kills the monster and
Thamior starts having strange ability to understand the fish people, though their speech isn’t much more articulate then a child
– “Floopdoodle” seems to be popular phrase for some reason… At the end of that day the group arrives at Strade’s Gallows.

Upon entering the town, the party is asked to stop for inspection of their gear, all magical items and abilities are questioned,
though some items are not disclosed. Dart Slipfoot (Half-elf w/panther pet) of the “Watch,” – the elite guard of the town takes
the crate intended for Master Soto and starts to walk off, a war of words begins, Jack gets punched but before he can continue
the fight – a local lady, Rita Gary (Wife of Mart Gary, chairman of the Casters, the guild that runs the town) interrupts this
and returns the package to the party. The party is meet by Fortin Harra (Half Orc leader of the “Watch”) and lead to the town’s
Temple and Master Soto. Fortin gives the party a brief tour of the town along the way.

Master Soto leads the party into a small dinning room below the temple where he gives the party their reward for bringing the
crate, but asks if he might beg their help again, this time for 2000 gold. He wants the party to dig up the real problem with
Strade’s Gallows. He offers the following information – he has two tickets to the Correlio’s Gala (Correlios’ are the riches
family in town), The Watch aren’t to be troubled with, but one of their members does drink down at the local pub, Cypress Creek
Pub every night, he may have some information if you can get it from him. Finally the Magic Matrons and Brawler Boys might have
heard something and would probably be willing to share if you play into their games.


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