New World Order - Jungle Edition

Logbook Entries 209-217

I never want to see the Shadow Plan again...

It’s impossible to tell time in this town. They sky is a near constant grey. In the grand scheme of things, exact times may not be very important. I will do my best to guess at the times.
7th Day in Shadow Plane
0800 – People slowly waking up. The Smith, Cole, may be of use in furthering my blacksmithing knowledge. Thamior finds letter. Letter included below:

“Dear Annoying group of interlopers.

How fun it has been, this game of ours. I was a disappointed your scarred friend wasn’t able to join us, I was so looking forward to adding a real dagger to his body, but I suspect my hired thugs got to have all the fun!
I must move on though, my time here is at an end, I have wards to start and ancient artifacts of power to uncover. Your time here, though, has just begun! You think your so clever, gathering supplies and planning an escape, but my associated and I have other plans for you and your peasant friends. They like you, they want you to stay and they reap the spoils of your misery…
To that end I have set my minions to the task of destroying the temple, can you not hear them working even now? Oh, and to ensure you will be too busy to interrupt them I have taken some of your friends and relocated them throughout the town, they probably won’t last the day, but by then your future will be sealed. I may return in a few years, and if any of you still live, I will put you out of your misery then, so don’t despair…too much!
Good riddance to rubbish,

This letters confirms my theory that this Halfling is the same one we encountered in Port Garmsby.

0830 – Noise of stone on metal can be heard. The group heads to the temple.
0845 – Arrive at temple. Steep path up to the temple approx. incline 50%. Two ogre zombies and two zombies seen. Zombies hitting temple repeatedly. Atrei: Kite zombies with noise. Effective until chanting begins. Zombies return to hitting temple.
0900 – Fog rolls in. Blocks view of all enemies. Start ascent to temple. Movement is slow. Fireball hits us. Enemy still unseen. Run into two ogre zombies. Zombies attempt to roll down path. Zombies fall down off path.
0930 – Halfling is seen. Mara attempts a tackle and fails. Halfling disappears. Brie uses Gust of Wind. Fog disappears. 3 ogre zombies, 9 regular zombies, Halfling sighted. Gust of Wind pushes zombies back.
0945 – Battle begins. Halfling disappears using magic circle. Shadow creature appears. Effectiveness of melee attacks is low.
1000 – Shadow disappears. Enemy is known for disappearing and reappearing elsewhere in battle.
1015 – Mara knocked unconscious. Brie heals.
1030 – Atrei knocked unconscious. Shadow and remaining zombies killed. Brie heals.
1045 – Basement scouted for enemies. None found. Temple is secure.
1100- Return to town hall. Missing children have been found/returned.
1200 – Group eats and rests.
1600 – Acquire daises from north-west fields.
1700 – Return to temple. Group rests for the night.

8th day in Shadow Plane
1st group of villagers escorted to teleportation circle. One daisy in hands of each villager. Brie uses teleportation scroll. Teleportation successful.

9th Day in Shadow Plane
Repeat of day 7. 2nd group teleported.

10th Day in Shadow Plane
Repeat of day 7. 3rd group teleported.

11th Day in Shadow Plane
Repeat of day 7. Last group teleported.
Return to the original Pepplefin Village. Time midday. Currently is snowing. 1 day in shadow plane equivalent to two weeks in regular world. Approximately in shadow plane for about 6 months. Damages sustained in shadow plane not present in original Pepplefin. Morale is high.
While away war has started. Norsemen and Asians against Romans. Arabs neutral. Trade from Romans to new world has stopped. Blockade put up by Noresmen.

January 20th
0800 – Leave Pepplefin.
January 23th
1500 – Arrive in Port Garmsby. Journey uneventful.

January 24th
0900 – Receive summons from Governor.
1100 – Arrive at governor’s office. Receive writ as compensation for our weapons that were requisitioned. Zombie infestation at mines. Governor wants group to neutralize threat. Ore needed for fortifications. Halfling (potentially same as before) stirred up undead in sewers. Left town to the south to pursue “city of power”. Follow up with scholars for additional info.
1500 – Bumped into Mahir near The Green Thumb Apothecary and Herbalist. He didn’t seem to recognize me.
1700- Talk to Phillip, guard friend known to get information and be discrete for the right price. Ask Phillip to do some recon on Mahir. How long has he been in town? How did he get here with the blockade? Who is he with? Why is he here? Waiting on Phillip’s response.


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