New World Order - Jungle Edition

Growing concerns about the alchemist?

Can we really trust this fellow?

I hold growing concerns about our recently-discovered alchemist. I find it incredulous that he had in his possession those accursed goggles, just happened to offer them to us for “testing”, and knew depthful knowledge about their history and extreme dangers. He seems to hold no grudge against us, but I feel we shall be hearing of an ulterior motive, especially since he claims to know of only one method to rescue friend Thamior. And could those topaz socks be somehow linked to this plot?

“Oh, by the way, since you’ll be traveling to the infernal reaches, could you kindly retrieve some mystic ingredients for me? It’s such a small price to pay for saving your ranger’s life, after all. I would love to travel with you but my frail body could only hinder your band of seasoned adventurers…”

I am glad that the dark enemies we encountered have not found us so tastefully seasoned.

Atrei, discerning and doubtful


sarendt rhombusfish

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