New World Order - Jungle Edition

Ghetto Goggles of Gazing are now created

New goggles to see in the dark, but the dark sees back

We’ve done it! We have created an item of magic! We have added something permanent to this world.

Being an infant-de-arcane in the ways of wizardcraft, I had been studying ways of enchanting items for some time, but only recently have I felt confident enough to try my hand at it. Maybe it was our long journeys through the jungles, without being able to read for hours as I am accustomed to. Maybe it was the newfound fervor that each member of our team has been pouring into their own researches, like Mara’s jewelry crafting and Juju’s experiments in combining two cantrips at once.

Where should I begin? What item might be helpful to our team? Starting with a lower-powered item made sense, and after consulting everyone, the idea of granting some form of night vision to our non-Elven members could be beneficial. Considering our recent encounters with the Gondales Mystic Goggles, the cat-person amulets, and our explorations in dark places, it was a miasma of ideas to experiment without any guide or recipe.

Juju helped to put together some basic goggles out of spare parts we’ve scavenged along the way and somehow to managed to incorporate the essence of several orc eyes. After the eyes started staring back, Thamior offered a name of “Ghetto Goggles of Gazing”, and I clumsily added some energy transference between the components. Mara and Kragg almost moulded the goggles into a work of art and reduced some of the cost, but the primitive ingredients limited how far they could go.

Since I do not have a darkvision-enhancing spell, I needed to attack this from an unusual direction. Of course my studies into the Pepplefen fog still held sway. My theory was to summon an ethereal vision-reducing fog within the goggles and conjure a lens to invert the fog, increasing the wearer’s ethereal vision instead of reducing it. The lens began to mutate into something involving a low-pitched humming sound, but Thamior helped me to detect it and I was able to draw it back into focus. Juju and I saw that the item gained more than expected, that the contained fog could in some special situation condense to dissolve a lock into a fog of its own, but neither of us could decipher what sort of lock it might work upon or how we might detect this lock when we near it.

To complete the item, I had no difficulties in congealing eyes and fog-filled ice and further reducing the item’s cost. Overall, the goggles cost around 325 gold in various components and only a day of effort. The orcish eyes slightly glow and seem to rove and rave in random directions, but what they look at is not known to any but the wearer. Frodo has been testing them in darkened places and seems quite comfortable having a second pair of eyes.

Juju has pointed out a disturbing observation. She seems to think that the cat amulets are somehow affected by the goggles. I can almost see a cat-like glint in those orcish goggle-eyes. Could the proximity of those feline fetishes have affected our creation of the goggles? Juju seems more attuned to cats than I, and both of us shall be watching carefully.

Eyes in the dark. A successful team effort, bringing magic into the air and light. My mind fills with new possibilities for our next creation.


sarendt rhombusfish

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