New World Order - Jungle Edition

Dragon lair? Really? Where?

A lovely stroll through a cave

Tibault the blue dragon has been a vicious adversary, and discovering the location of its lair has given us a unique opportunity. But did we really find its lair?

I have not yet visited the lair, but many of you have during the recent recon mission. Lots of caverns within the mountainside, but no signs of guards or defenses which we should expect for any lair. No hints of a treasure horde. No traps. Not one stray coin. Nothing. If it wasn’t for the arrival of the dragon disguised as an orc, the whole mission would have a delightful stroll through the caverns. And the main cave entrance was at ground level and you were able to just walk right in.

I cannot believe this is a dragon’s lair. Dragons are extremely full of ego and greedy. They show-off their treasure to everyone and see us as beneath their contempt. A dragon would be embarrassed to claim this empty cave as their lair. Legends talk of severe weather disturbances around a dragon lair, but this cavern was dry and peaceful.

We are subject to a vast deception. This cannot be a real dragon lair. Why would a dragon pretend to claim this as their lair? Is Sid involved in this grand scheme, and why would a dragon stoop to cooperate with a mere humanoid? Why try to convince the local orcs and stone giants that this is a dragon lair? We do know that the blue dragon is very real. The Elves at BigTree and the local Orcs and Stone Giants believe the dragon is encamped in that lair.

We must discover the plot. The entire region’s future may depend upon us.

Atrei FaintWalker, conjurer and loremaster

Side note: Perhaps we can find some cast-off dragon scales?
A few dragon scales may have been pried loose from its rampage and tunneling through the rocky cavern walls during our recent recon mission. Imagine creating some armor from these dragon scales, or fashioning a dragon-scale charm which resists a draogn’s frightful presence or detects a nearby dragon?
[refer to Dungeon Master’s Guide page 165 for ideas]

Side note: I did find Embrey the alchemist at BigTree during my visit, and I asked him if he had any other items worthy of “testing”. He quickly offered a knit cap and just as quickly avoided any description of history about this item. We so enjoyed thoroughly our testing of the Gondales Mystic Spectacles that the knit cap should decorate one of our foreheads with style and spellcraft. Any volunteers? Any suggestions?

Side note: I also got Embrey the alchemist to return our water weird vial (that we found in the underground fort of Strade’s Gallows), and he provided some detailed notes and historical findings for the vial’s inhabitant. Thamior, we now have a name for our “pet” and you will be interested in trying it out.


sarendt rhombusfish

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