New World Order - Jungle Edition

But why Nemo?

Dearest Ava,

It’s been a while since my last letter, though to be honest not much has changed. The town is still gray, still bleak, and we are still stuck.

So we went out on a simple mission to pick some flowers. Note that this isn’t the most exciting activity, but we need them for some magic or some cleric thing so I went along with it, at least it got me out of that armpit that is the town hall.

On our way we went to turn on the clock tower by opening a sluice up to activate the clocktower. Well I went to actuate the lever while the other bickered for a while about something and I swear the thing hissed at me! I went to actuate it again and it appeared to be fine. Something is really up in this Town!

Having braved the hissing lever successfully we continued on our quest for the flowers. Given the nature of this place, this had no hope of going well. Well out of nowhere a will-o’-the-wisp jumped out at us. I had no choice but to fire on it before it came too close. Despite my efforts they are wirery little fools who roam in large packs. Luckily Bree had a trick up her sleeve. She changed a few words and they all turned tail. Likewise rather than sticking around for them to return we also got out of dodge.

During this exchange Atrei lit off a Thunderwave and attracted a whole batallion of Zombies. To escape their clutches we attempted to climb the clocktower. I guess more accurately I attempted to climb the clocktower and was kicked off by Bree for some reason. If it weren’t for Hadrian I would have been drawn into the mechanism that drives the clocktower.

As an aside we had a second reason for being in this field: in particular we were hoping to strike down this griffin vulture thing. It has been wrinkling our sprinkles for quite a while and we were hoping to not have to deal with it anymore, if you catch my meaning.

Recently I have been questioning my role in the family. We seem to have these ideals about ourselves. With Nemo’s recent betrayl are we all so immune? I think I need some time to collect myself before I can contact you again. Maybe I can find some solice in figuring out how to talk to the Water Weird. I have taken to calling her Waskind. I am assuming its a her, but we can correct this later I suppose.

Respectfully yours,


sarendt enmarabrams

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