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Atrei FaintWalker (character sheet)

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Atrei FaintWalker
Aeryn (High Elf of the Air) Wizard (5th Level)
(XP 9590 as of 2017Jun20)

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
+0 (10) +3 (16) +0 (10) +3 (16) +1 (13) +0 (10)
save +0 save +3 save +0 save +6* save +4* save +0
-———— —————- —————- —————- —————- —————-
Athletics +3* Acrobatics +3 Arcana +6* Animal Handling +1 Deception +0
Sleight of Hand +3 History +3 Insight +1 Intimidation +0
Stealth +3 Investigation +6* Medicine +1 Performance +0
Nature +3 Perception +4* Persuasion +0
Religion +3 Survival +4*
“*” indicates skill/save proficiencies

Combat Details
Speed 40ft/round
Armor Class 15
Hit Points 22
Short sword 6 d63 piercing, light
Short sword#2 6 d6 (second hand attack as bonus action)
Short bow 80/320 +6 d6
3 piercing, ammo(40)
quarterstaff 1 +4 d61 (one hand) bludgeoning
4 d81 (two hand)
7 d84 (shillelagh mode, one hand)
Alter Self 4 d64 bludgeoning or piercing or slashing
unarmed 3 1
Firebolt 120 +6 2d10 fire
Chill Touch 120 +6 2d8 necrotic, no HP regain,
undead at disadvantage to attack me
Chromatic Orb 90 +6 3d8 acid/cold/fire/lightning/poison/thunder, HSS (
Thunderwave 15 ft cube CON save vs 2d8 thunder and shove 10 ft
save for half damage, HSS (d8)
Fog Cloud 120 20 ft radius, heavy obscured, HSS (
20 radius)
Misty Step bonus action teleport 30 ft
Lightning Bolt 100 ft line 8d6 lightning, 5 ft wide, DEX save for half damage,
ignites objects, HSS (+d6)
HSS (bonus when using a higher spell slot)

Chaotic Good
Darkvision (60 ft)
Keen Senses (Perception*)
Fey Ancestry (save advantage vs charm, cannot magically sleep)
Sleep Trance (4 hours per night)
Speak Common, Elvish, Draconic, Sylvan (Fey)
Extra Cantrip
Proficient in shortsword, longsword, short bow, long bow, dagger, dart, sling, quarterstaff, light crossbow, flute.
Outlander background (as a Guide/Pathfinder)(excellent memory with maps and geography, can find fresh food and water for six people each day)

5 cantrips
4 – 1st level spell slots
3 – 2nd level spell slots
2 – 3rd level spell slots
8 prepared spells
6 spell attack
14 spell save DC
Arcane Recovery (once per day after short rest, regain 3 spell slot levels)
Arcane Tradition – School of Conjuration
Minor Conjuration
Copy a conjuration spell scroll at half cost and half time
Mobile feat (
10 speed, can Dash over difficult terrain with no reduction in speed, melee attack hit-or-miss will prevent an opponent from making an opportunity attack against me)

Spell List
Minor Conjuration (create inanimate object within 3ft cube and <=>s Guide to Historical Fact
book: Fey and Fury: An Uncommon Almanac
emerald crystal (spell focus)
Bracers of Defense (+2 AC) from Gondales the wizard
2 diamonds (100 GP each)
Aeryn Box (for sending and receiving messages to the Aeryn)


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